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Hi. I'm Ruth Baillie. I was born in England, so don't be surprised when you talk to me and hear an accent! My career in England was as a research pharmacologist, designing studies and testing new drugs to see if they worked as predicted. A major part of this work was understanding disease and all the effects it has on the body and then figuring out how the pharmaceutical products could help. During that time, while I could see the benefit of medications and these novel drugs I was testing, it became obvious from the people in my daily life that medications don't fix it all. They have their uses, of course, but other things come into play as well, such as the emotional and psychological impact of disease and also a person's lifestyle choices.

During that period of my life, in my spare time, I volunteered befriending the suicidal and became more and more interested in psychology and the power of the mind. Since that time, I have been supporting people in different types of crisis for over 23 years.

I moved to the US in 1996 and my visa would not permit me to work, so it was a wonderful opportunity for me to re-invent myself.

I decided to go back to school and bring together the two key interests in my life by completing a Masters Degree in Health Psychology (2004). This culminated in me writing a book about mind-body medicine for cancer patients. Subsequently, my studies have continued looking at many philosophies of health and natural healing, and the value of an integrated approach.

I am a diet and lifestyle medicine practitioner (2012) through the Wellness Forum, am a Certified Professional Cancer Coach (2011) and a member of the National Association for Professional Cancer Coaches and also a Certified Health Coach (2011) through the National Society for Health Coaches.

I am also currently studying for another Masters Degree in Personalized Nutrition and Functional Medicine, which I hope to complete mid 2015.

A lifelong learner, I also keep up to date by attending conferences and classes. Continuing education classes I have recently undertaken include:

  • 2014 GI Health Workshop - Post graduate nutritional therapy education
  • 2014 Functional Perspectives on Food and Nutrition: The Ultimate Upstream Medicine
  • 2013 International Conference on Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
  • Functional Medicine: A systems approach to reversing the epidemic of chronic disease (2013) - Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine: Competencies Case Study - Harvard Medical School (2013)
  • Lifestyle Medicine: Nutrition - Harvard Medical School (2013)
  • Lifestyle Medicine: Osteoporosis - Harvard Medical School (2013)
  • Lifestyle Medicine: Stress Management - Harvard Medical School (2013)
  • Lifestyle Medicine: Weight Management - Harvard Medical School (2013)
  • Evaluating Plant-based Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Survival - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (2013)
  • Advanced Study Courses in Plant Based Whole Foods Diet - McDougall Program (2011 - 2013, twice annually)
  • Nutrition and Cancer - Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (2012)
  • Motivational Interviewing - Berg-Smith Training (2011)
  • Food as Medicine - Center for Mind-Body Medicine (2005)
  • 'Cancer Guide' Training - Center for Mind-Body Medicine (2004)

I have also trained in massage therapy (500+ hours), biofeedback (50 hours), and guided imagery.

Professional organizations I am a member of:

  • Society for Nutritional Education and Behavior
  • Institute of Functional Medicine
  • National Society for Health Coaches
  • National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches
  • Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • The Nutrition Society
  • British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals

I am the client manager and a client liaison for the Sonoma Ceres Community Project - a non-profit organization that teaches teen chefs to cook nourishing meals for individuals and families touched by life-threatening illnesses.

Using integrative healing techniques, my own recovery from illness took me from a state where food was my poison to now food being my medicine. This transformation taught me the power of making significant diet and lifestyle changes and how they can turn your life around. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my knowledge, experience, and support with you to enable you to make significant, healing lifestyle changes.


"Ruth's classes are the best of any classes I have ever taken in my life…..Thank you Ruth for all you have done for me."

"I recommend Ruth Baillie's classes because we are bombarded on a daily basis by news of how bad our American diet is for us the individual as well as the health of our country but not specifically what to do about it. In Ruth's three part classes, we learn which specific food groups do harm and which groups can actually serve as medicine and health our bodies. After the lecture part, we move to the kitchen and learn how to prepare these healthy foods and are given the recipes and shopping lists to take home with us. And finally the cooking class moves to the table to taste and enjoy the "fruits of our labor". For me, learning the specific What to eat and Why along with the experience of How to prepare complete meals and tasting for myself how delicious they can be, reduced the anxiety and mystery of changing my diet to one of healing and enjoying!" MV

"Ruth is one of the best teachers I have experienced. She is thorough, experienced and knowledgeable on every subject that she teaches. I have learned more from her on many areas of food and nutrition that were not on my radar and I have been cooking whole foods and whole meals most of my adults life - over 50 years. My mother was a home economics teacher and a fabulous cook but Ruth brings the more modern approach to great food with natural ingredients and no meat. Her recipes are not difficult and are delicious" JG

"The classes have been outstanding. I can hardly wait to use all the recipes from yesterday." HB

"Ruth is very knowledgeable about food and the effects it has on our health. Although i have always cooked from scratch, I have become more aware of how important food is - especially more vegetables - and how to cook without oil. I also have accumulated some fabulous recipes from the classes." AD

"Each class has been like taking a semester of "healthy living" plus cooking….and such fun." MS

"I feel so secure with having you at my doctors appointment. I will always be thanking you." D.C.