Neal Barnard on Diabetes

Here is the latest talk, published this month, from Neal Barnard on Type 2 Diabetes and how is it curable. Recorded at the TED Talks in Fremont.

This research has been available for some time now, yet so many are still ignoring it.  Hopefully this talk will help share the information to those who need it.  I ran a Food as Medicine group yesterday - and another tomorrow which was all on this subject.  More people need to know.

If you are interested, read his great book :Reversing Diabetes  and check out the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website for more information.  They lead an online 21 day vegan kick start program - in many different languages.


Handwritten love letters

Remember those movies when you see people uncover precious bundles of hand written love letters?  The thought of curling up in your favorite chair and taking letters out of envelopes, reading the memories of their pages and then tucking them away back in their envelopes, is so appealing.  The tactile part of it is integrative.  Yet it is a thing of the many of today's younger generations have handwritten love letters?  Very few, I'm sure.

One person is changing this. Hannah Brencher started writing love letters and leaving them for strangers to find when she was suffering from depression.  This act has now become a global initiative - The World Needs More Love Letters - where handwritten letters are sent to those who need a boost in their lives.

The power of the pen and paper is still there  - let's use it and write love letters.

From TED

Put pen to paper and show you care.
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144 foot xylophone in the middle of a forest

TED has a "ads worth watching" campaign to raise the bar for online advertising.   I love this ad that they featured which plays a 144 foot xylophone in the middle of a forest.  The ad is for a Japanese phone.  Beautiful.


It's what you do with what you've got

A song from TED about using your gifts and talents to make a difference.
 "It's not about how big your share is, it's how much you can share"

Jamie Oliver on Teaching children about food

Jamie Oliver's Wish for America, from the TED2010 - Teach every child about food.  Look out for the segment on children identifying vegetables - it's pretty shocking.   

What's wrong with what we eat?

A call to action talk by Mark Bittman, New York Times Food writer, on "What's wrong with what we eat" and how it is affecting the planet.  What will you do?


Try something new for 30 days

Sometimes, you just have to start!

Is there something new you've been wanting to try?  Maybe it's giving up sugar? Going vegan/vegetarian? Writing poetry? Learning a new language?  Why not give it a try for 30 days.  Be inspired by this short video from the 2011 TED conference - and just get started!

Write a comment on the blog and let us know what you are going to do!