Everything is tickety-boo

There are lots of things I could put on my list for this week's blog post - the things that made me feel that life is tickety-boo - but one stands out to me.  And that is flowers.

Every day this week, I've been amazed by the beauty of the flowers around me. Those near our front door at just stunning ( I'll show photos of them later in the week).  It's incredible how nature makes all colors go well together!

But the sight that just took my breath away was the one shown in the photos here, of the Kunde vineyard in Glen Ellen, that has planted red and orange poppies between their vines this year. This is the first year they've done it and people were saying that highway patrol may ask them to mow it down soon, as so much traffic is stopping to take in the beauty!

We had heard about these poppies so took the time to go out and see them. A trip to visit the flowers. It was so worthwhile - and joyous.

I definitely felt tickety-boo every time I paused and just took in all the wonderful flowers around me this week.

I hope you found time - or will this week - to appreciate the colors and beauty of nature. It's such a great time of year for flowers.


Everything is tickety-boo

It's that time again for my weekly post where I share with you the things that have happened this week that make me feel that "everything is tickety-boo". 

Tickety-boo is more than just a feeling, it is a state of mind.  It doesn't mean that everything has be wonderful, just that you look for the good in your life and focus on that.   It's all about valuing the good things around you.  A way of looking beyond difficult things and appreciating the often simple, little things that make a difference.

As I write my "everything is tickety-boo" post each week, I hope you'll get the idea and take time to think about what has happened to you this past week and how it can help you feel tickety-boo.

  • being touched by movies - laughing and crying.  This week was the Sonoma International Film Festival so I took a few days out and watched some wonderful movies. 
  • realizing that something I'm doing just isn't working out for me so deciding to not participate anymore
  • thinking the rain maybe be over - or nearly - and now it's time for sunshine
  • getting excited about family coming over to visit in May and June
  • having a lovely dinner at a friend's house
  • dehydrated carrot ribbons.  Tried this today and they are yummy and crunchy and crispy.  A nice little portable snack.  And because the ribbons are so thin, they dehydrate very quickly.
  • seeing all the California poppies flowering. While they flower all summer long, they are always at their brightest at this time of year.
  • my parents finding a new home for themselves
  • singing all day at the cathedral and sharing lunch with the choir
  • smelling the flowering lilac by the gate and thinking of my friend Janet who loves lilac

I hope you've felt tickety-boo this week, and have been noticing all the wonderful things around you. I wonder what will make us feel tickety-boo this coming week?