Imagine Your Perfect Day

Happy New Year!

I hope you celebrated last night - with memories of the good things in 2013, and plenty of hopefulness for 2014.

As we all know, while the New Year is a good time to look forward and plan, making New Years Resolutions invariably don't work.  So instead, I'd like to suggest something else to try.

Take some time today to imagine your perfect day.

Think about it in detail:
  • what time do you wake up
  • how do you wake up...with the voice of loved one, or the sun shining in the window or ...
  • what do you have for breakfast
  • who do you share your day with
  • what activities do you do
  • what is the weather like
  • what do you smell
  • what do you see
  • what do you touch
Think about it, using all your senses ....what would make your perfect day....all those tiny pieces...making choices that make you feel good ....or maybe its simpler than that and just one thing makes it a perfect day.....

Here's how mine starts out:  Woken, not before 8am, by Johnnie with a big smile on his face, bringing me in my glass of warm water with lemon. I can smell the citrus. In the background, I can hear Harold (parrot) singing along to his favorite breakfast TV show - Curious George or the Cat in the Hat.  Johnnie goes off to the kitchen, and he is singing too.  The sun is shining in the window and I get up to see birds and flowers in the garden......

Then when you have the whole day in your head - that's what you should think on throughout the year.  You should try and incorporate more and more things that make up your perfect day, into everyday.

What  a lovely thought....we go to make everyday a perfect day.

Yes, everything can be Tickety-boo. We are going through life, looking for ways to make life better by focusing on the good things because "we get more of what we focus on".  That way, life doesn't have to be perfect, but it can be Tickety-boo!

May Everything be Tickety-boo for you in 2014.


Everything is tickety-boo

It's been a while since I wrote an "everything is tickety-boo" post - long overdue!  So I thought this weekend warranted one.

For those of you who don't know what "tickety-boo" means - its all about looking at the positive side of things.  It is a state of mind where not everything has to be perfect, but things are going long just fine.  And the more you look for the good things that are happening, the happier you are as you begin to see more and more good things in your life.

The little video below of Danny Kaye singing "everything is tickety-boo" is a fine example. It's war time, but Danny happily whistles and sings along his way, with the sky so "blinky blue" on a "dreamy, peaches and creamy day"!

So here is my everything is tickety-boo list for this week:

  • my brother in law is staying with us. Its so great that he has been able to come over from England this year. He missed a couple of years of visits because of ill health - so its lovely he's here, enjoying fall in Northern California.  
  • my cousin Caroline and Jamie had a little baby this week :-D  Yeah.  Welcome Little Keegan. C and J got married at our home/vineyard a few years ago, so we feel like we were instrumental in a little way in bringing Keegan into the world.  Congratulations!
  • it's Thanksgiving in Canada - to happy Thanksgiving to all my relatives and friends who live there.
  • we had new friends come for lunch yesterday and had such a good afternoon with them.  Everything was so easy and natural. We all really enjoyed it.
  • dinner out with other friends last night - lovely to catch up and spend some time with them
  • the grape vine leaves are finally beginning to change color.  Ours are at the golden stage right now.
  • the fruit harvest continues with figs everyday and we are working through the apples and pears.
  • my nephew has had a good first week at Cambridge Uni this week
  • the flowers - especially our dahlias continue to fill the garden and house with beauty
  • a little black cat came to visit yesterday - "prowling" around the vineyard - then came to say hello
  • Chrunchamame  - my new food of the week. Crunchamame  is a freeze dried nonGMO edamame/soy bean crunchy snack.   They are really tasty. I now keep a little bag in my car for those times when I need a snack to keep me going.  Give them a try.
So are you feeling tickety-boo? What has been going on with your week? Take a little time to think of the good things then you'll surely feel that everything is tickety-boo - and can sing along with Danny Kaye :-D

What's in a name?

"Tickety-boo Health Coaching".

You may be wondering what 'tickety-boo health coaching' means....what is this blog is all about?   Well, allow me to elaborate.

Tickety-boo is a British word - now also commonly used in Canada.  It means things is going along just fine.....things are all tickety-boo. I think it has a nice ring to it and a sense of fun and ease.  It's a happy little word that makes you want to smile.  It doesn't mean everything is perfect, just that you have found a way to enjoy the positives in life.

So what about the "Health coaching" part? What is that all about? Health coaching is a way of guiding others to find the motivation to make changes that will improve their health.  The relationship between a health coach and their client is a supportive partnership where we can discuss topics such as:what is troubling most about a certain health condition; what would the person most want to change; what support do they have; what obstacles are there, etc, etc.  Health coaching focuses on the special issues and concerns unique to the individual person that are preventing them from leading a healthier life.

The simple goal of Tickety-boo health coaching therefore is to help you feel tickety-boo!

In my area of health coaching, I specialize in helping people with cancer and helping people improve their lifestyle to prevent cancer.  This includes diet (e.g. what should you eat during chemo or radiation therapy), what foods help with side effects of cancer and therapy, what exercise is good, ways of relaxing, guided imagery, biofeedback, spirituality, etc etc.

As my blog progresses, I'll tell you more about how we can work together and how tickety-boo health coaching can help you.  I'll be coaching people one on one and also running a variety of educational community programs.  I will also implement an e-coaching program too, for people who don't live local to me in Northern California.  All this to come soon.

But for now, take two minutes and watch this little video to help you understand just what feeling tickety-boo is all about. I bet you'll be singing along by the end of it!   It features Danny Kaye singing a song entitled "Everything is tickety-goo" from a movie called "Merry Andrew".