Children's bedroom decorations

When we were in England last month, my mum and I (plus a few other helpers for leaves) decorated the children's bedroom in our house with wonderful decals that I had bought from and artist on Dawanda.

They were fabulous and easy to apply. It did take some time as the trees were large - but worth the effort - don't you think?

Now the children can count the leaves, and birds, and squirrels, and acorns.... and feel like they are sleeping in the trees.

Hopefully they'll feel tickety-boo going to bed in their nature room.  It was fun to do and I'm so pleased with how it looks.  Have you ever used decals? (yes, they are removable but not reusable).

Eat with your eyes

When we were on holiday in Mexico a few weeks ago, we had this beautiful outdoor setting for one of our dinners.  I loved the way they had taken individual flowers and arranged them so prettily.

Creating an attractive setting really helps with your enjoyment of a meal.   This is particularly important if you aren't feeling hungry as a result of treatment like chemotherapy or something like that.  If you are in that situation, see if your partner/friend can help encourage your appetite by making things look pretty and inviting.  Even putting a vase of flowers on the table can make a difference, or some candles....

Remember, we first eat with our eyes, then our noses and finally our mouths - so stimulate your eyes first, and the rest will follow!  Make the environment attractive, both the setting and how the food is arranged on the plate.