Enjoy life

What a great philosophy!
Open the gate today.

Belly Button Parsnip

We are taking care of our friends' dog at the moment.  Her name is Bella...or "officially", Bella Rose.

But to us, she is known affectionately by a few others including:

Bella, Bella, Bella
Belly Welly
Belly Parsnip
Buh for Bella
Bella Basket
and most recently
Belly Button and
Belly Button Parsnip

There are reasons for each - but too complicated to explain! And she responds to all of them!

Anyhow I liked her photo today on her bright fatboy bed, taking it easy!  Oh, to have the life of Belly Button Parsnip!

There are many health benefits to having a pet including increased exercise, lower blood pressure, companionship, laughter, date magnets (!)...and many more.  What is the best thing you get from your pet?

Bella's forte is definitely laughter!

Cliff the sniffer dog

Watch the clip below and see a clever little beagle dog who has learned to sniff out Clostridium difficile - a bacteria that causes severe diarrhea and colitis and spreads rapidly in hospitals. I have a friend who contracted it and she was out of action for a long time.

Go Cliff!...come to think of it, maybe he should be called "Button" (button nose!), or Courtney (as in short nose - court nez) or Cyrano,.... instead of Cliff!

Any other names you can think of for Cliff?


Let's make this the season of kindness - a time to love and care for each other.

The power of a smile

Have you smiled at someone today?  A smile from a stranger (or dog) can make a real difference. :-D