Duckling rescue

I was woken this morning by John telling me we had ducklings in our pond :-D I've always wanted us to have ducklings but it was a surprise to us as the mother hadn't been using our duck house. She was obviously hiding out somewhere else as we hadn't seen her for days. Daddy duck had been around, but as I've now seen today, mummy is good at hiding - and at hiding her ducklings.

I took some photos first thing this morning and no sooner had I put them on Facebook but John came in saying we needed to do a duckling rescue!  Three little ducklings had jumped over the overflow of the pond and because it slants backwards, they couldn't get back.

Poor mummy and daddy duck were in the pond squalking loudly, and the little guys were cheeping, so John had to crawl into the tunnel and help them back over and back into the pond again!!  Brilliant rescue and the family were reunited!

Phew, we've only had them a few hours and already we've had a rescue. Looks like this could be a busy few weeks!!!  From the reunited photos, I can see there are 12 babes……fingers crossed we stay at 12. No more jumping!!!


A place for everyone

Before we left the US on this trip, our pond was quite busy.  For years we've had 2 turtles in the pond, but recently we've seen a new one on the scene.

Mr and Mrs Mallard duck have also been coming by lately.

So the other day I looked out and saw how they were nicely dividing up the lake structures amongst themselves.  It seems the turtles always go on the "posh" duck house, staying around the edge.

Then the mallards swam towards the old duck platform and Mrs Mallard decided to have her rest there.

So Mr Mallard proceeded to the fountain and settle down for a rest there.

None of them invading each others space - just all comfortable, with a place for everyone.

I hope you got some space to yourself today too.  It is important.  Even if only for a few minutes.