Misty morning at the pond

We've been getting a few misty mornings at the pond lately. This time of year we always get such a lovely gathering of ducks and birds there.  The male hooded mergansers are just so handsome with their black and white markings, and we get either a great egret or a great blue heron, plus our friend the little green heron.

Isn't it a restful scene. I hope you took time to look at something restful today.

Everything is tickety-boo

Here is this week's list of things that made me feel like everything is tickety-boo:

  • celebrating Lexi's 30th birthday with a treasure hunt and dinner in the vineyard
  • sharing lots of "firsts" with baby Max - like first trip to the seaside, first bounce on a trampoline, first outdoor bath and shower....
  • watching the great blue heron catching frogs in the water lilies on the pond
  • meeting a new client and enjoy her company
  • making yummy ice cream and raspberry pavlova
  • watching the butterflies flutter by
  • my daily walks punctuated by friendly neighbors
  • the full moon illuminating the garden and house
  • seeing all the little fawns bouncing in the fields
  • having shoe envy for little Max's cute shoes
It's been a fabulous week.  Hope yours has too.  Take some time to think about the things that you are grateful for this week.