Nutmeg and Cinnamon coffee

I'm the speaker at a luncheon this week in Kenwood.  My topic is "spicing up your life". I will be talking about how spices are a great way adding flavor to your foods, are a good alternative to salt, and that they bring many health benefits too.

You may have read my previous posts about using spices in drinks such as golden milk, and chai tea - without the tea, and chai hot today I tried spices in my coffee.

Now, I don't like flavored coffees. They are very popular in the UK, with coffee flavors such as:

  • amaretto coffee
  • chocolate truffle coffee
  • toffee cappuccino coffee
  • hazelnut coffee (my dad's new favorite)
  • irish cream coffee
  • chocolate caramel coffee
  • maple syrup walnut coffee
  • sticky toffee coffee
  • chocolate cherry coffee
  • chocolate chip cookie coffee
  • caribbean rum coffee
  • Christmas pudding coffee
  • creme brulee coffee
  • malt whiskey coffee
  • mocha orange coffee
  • pecan pie coffee
  • rum baba coffee
To me, they just don't sound like coffee!  They all sound terribly sweet and sickly! Ugh - just the idea is pretty repulsive!!!  I want coffee to taste like coffee....

So it was with this in mind that I gingerly tried the idea of adding spices to my coffee.  I put enough decaf coffee in for four cups and to that added 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg (both ground) to the coffee grinds.

The result still tastes like coffee!  The spices are quite mild - so there is room for more....I think next time I might add cloves as well.  And surprisingly enough,  I enjoyed it.

It's another way for us to vary what we drink, and add some nourishing spices to our life.  Spices also seems to make a drink feel more like food - its  more satiating and I feel like I've eaten something.

So are you a flavoured coffee drinker? What is your favorite flavor?

PS Don't you just love my new orange coffee maker!  With it's little cup warmer on top too :-D

Talk on Wednesday in Sonoma

If you are around on Wednesday and affiliated to St Andrews church in Sonoma, come along to hear my talk. Starts at 9.30am with some yummy food samples too.


ST. ANDREW WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP is excited to invite all women to a very special meeting on Wednesday, January 9th which begins at 9:30 AM and will be held in the Conference Room at
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church.

This month's guest speaker will be the famed chef and guru, RUTH BAILLIE. 

Demonstrations, food samples and simple recipes tailored for the nutritional needs of seniors will be offered.

This event is being sponsored by the

AT 9:30 AM


Tips for a

~ Ruth Baillie ~

St. Andrew | (707) 996-6024 | |
16290 Arnold Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476
"Growing women's faith and friendship through the love of Jesus Christ"
- - Mission Statement of St. Andrew Women's Fellowship
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New Tickety-boo health coaching website launched

I launched my new tickety-boo health coaching website this week! Yeah!

I hope you'll take a moment to go and check it out.  It tells you what's involved with cancer coaching and health coaching; the benefits of cancer coaching; what types of programs I offer; ideas on how to keep laughing when times get tough;

inspiration for family and friends; how I got into cancer coaching; lots of resources; and my blog also posts there, plus other stuff that I hope you'll find interesting.

I'm excited and working at the moment to find a good location to run some group classes in Sonoma.

I'd love your feedback...feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts on my new site.  Thanks for taking the time to take a look.

New Year's Resolutions and Goals

Have you made any New Year's resolutions this year, with the goal of improving your health?  Or have you tried that previously and found you don't stick to them?  Do you have some health related goals that you would like to achieve but don't know quite where to start?

The Goal Keeper by aussiegall

It is good to make health related goals and resolutions, but the key to success is focusing on one at a time, and making the goals small and manageable. For example, instead of having a goal "to be healthier" which can include so many different things, focus on one important area to start with.  Your one selected area may be to visualize a "finish line" of losing 50 lbs in weight, but now you need to work back to that very first step you need to take ie how do I lose 2 lbs this week?  What do I need to do today?

It is also important to consider priorities.  It's no good having a goal that may solve one issue in your life, but create another one in it's place, for example having a plan of action that takes time away from an important family issue. This could then result in more stress.

"Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least." 

So spend some time on goal setting.  These useful criteria may help as you set healthful goals for yourself this month:

1. The goal must be specific.
2. The goal must be measurable.  "Doing better" is not measurable.
3. The goal must be realistic and safe.  Individual limitations should be taken into consideration.
4. The goal must have a reasonable time allotted and be reasonable to attain.  If too short a time frame is chosen, this can result in stress and frustration, while a prolonged time frame can lead to discouragement, as well as loss of enthusiasm and motivation.
5. Document your goal.  Write it down and preferably pin it up somewhere where you will read it at least once a day.  Also mark it in your calendar/schedule.
6. Spend some time discussing your plan with others who may be affected. Who else is involved in this process? Who else will it affect and where do they fit in the overall picture.   These people - family or friends, can be great supporters and encouragers, and will more likely be so if they know about and understand your goal right from the start, and recognize that you have considered them too.

It can also help to work with a health coach for setting goals and prioritizing. Sometimes the goal that you have decided on, or your physician has recommended for you, can seem daunting and unreachable, but working with a trained health coach can help you decide your priorities and manageable steps along the way, all the while considering you as an individual and how your life and values fit in with it all.

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together".              
Vincent Van Gogh