Full versus busy

The past couple of weeks have been very full.

And wonder-full!

We've had family staying with us and we've had four days of harvesting grapes.

But what if I had said " the past couple of weeks have been very busy".  It has such a different tone to it.

How often do you use the word "full" instead of "busy"?  Probably not very often. We so frequently hear about how everyone is so busy. Its a great excuse - "sorry, I've been busy", "I'm just so busy with..." etc.  It comes over as complaining about our life, but most of the time, we have put those things in our lives that we complain about. They are in our control.  Or maybe you are using busyness as a measure of self-worth? By using the word busy, it makes us seem like victims and that it is all out of our control..

Instead, we have filled our lives.  Our lives are full.  That sounds so rich and exciting, as opposed to saying our lives are busy.

Yes, you may be running around after your children, working, doing chores, commuting, feeding the family....but how wonderful to have a full life.

By saying our life is "full" gives a sense of pride, rather than a regret or whining when we say we are busy.  We can change things in our lives to make them quieter, we can say "no" and make adjustments, but often we want a full life.

So be proud of your full life.  Don't whine, complain and make it sound like you regret it.  Live your life to the full.

Try using the word "full" this week, instead of "busy" and see what a difference it makes.

A change in perspective

If things aren't looking good, or something in life is tricky - take a look from a different angle and different perspective - like this little birdie!

Hanging upside down means he can get to all the lovely insects he wants but he just couldn't get them when he was the right way up.
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