Handwritten love letters

Remember those movies when you see people uncover precious bundles of hand written love letters?  The thought of curling up in your favorite chair and taking letters out of envelopes, reading the memories of their pages and then tucking them away back in their envelopes, is so appealing.  The tactile part of it is integrative.  Yet it is a thing of the past...how many of today's younger generations have handwritten love letters?  Very few, I'm sure.

One person is changing this. Hannah Brencher started writing love letters and leaving them for strangers to find when she was suffering from depression.  This act has now become a global initiative - The World Needs More Love Letters - where handwritten letters are sent to those who need a boost in their lives.

The power of the pen and paper is still there  - let's use it and write love letters.

From TED

Put pen to paper and show you care.
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