Belly Button Parsnip

We are taking care of our friends' dog at the moment.  Her name is Bella...or "officially", Bella Rose.

But to us, she is known affectionately by a few others including:

Bella, Bella, Bella
Belly Welly
Belly Parsnip
Buh for Bella
Bella Basket
and most recently
Belly Button and
Belly Button Parsnip

There are reasons for each - but too complicated to explain! And she responds to all of them!

Anyhow I liked her photo today on her bright fatboy bed, taking it easy!  Oh, to have the life of Belly Button Parsnip!

There are many health benefits to having a pet including increased exercise, lower blood pressure, companionship, laughter, date magnets (!)...and many more.  What is the best thing you get from your pet?

Bella's forte is definitely laughter!