Feed the birds

It's noisy round here at  the moment.  Little chirps from hungry baby birds.  You can hear them from all over the house, they are so noisy.

Poor parents must be tired out! Its a lot of work to feed 5 hungry mouths every day!

They are up in the rafters on our back porch - making plenty of mess too! Guess when they leave the nest, it'll be a big clean up time!

The birds are coming!

I've just been watching the bluebirds flying around...they always nest in our vineyard in one of our birdhouses and we love seeing their family develop.  But not all the birds here are quite as sensible. Yesterday I saw the house finches checking out unsuitable ledges around our porch. They always try and build nests there, putting twig after twig on them, but they always fall off or are blown off!

Poor Snoopy seems to be having a few issues with his bluebirds and their new nest: