Take time to talk to the animals on Friday

Instead of my usual flower post on Friday, this week just seemed like it should be an animal post!  Move over flowers - birds and animals are coming in.

This is because I'm in England at the moment and we get little visitations to our house from the birds and animals, coming by to say hello and welcome!  :-D

I hope you can take time today to talk to the animals!  Many studies have shown that spending time with nature is very relaxing and calming.

Pink Peonies

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I love them as they are so full - so many petals - and yet still delicate.

This is the only one in flower right now - and its bloom is 9 inches in diameter! A huge flower.  Yet it still looks so delicate and fragile, with petal upon petal curled to create that large bloom.

A second peony plant is not yet in flower and that one has lots of buds, so I will be enjoying peonies for a few weeks yet.

What is your favorite spring flower?