A day of acceptance

Why don't we have a day of acceptance - of ourselves, today?

  1. 1.
    the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

  2. 2.
    the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.

Or in Psychology:

  • Acceptance
  • Acceptance in human psychology is a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition without attempting to change it, protest, or exit.

  • How often are you focusing on changing yourself?  Always trying to do better at work, put in more hours, work smarter…..and then in our leisure life, not being content with where we are.

    I am so guilty of this in all aspects of my life. For example:

    • In my singing - I'm always focusing on trying to incorporate everything I've learned in my lesson…..always wanting the group to sing better.  So much so, I forget to enjoy where I am right now in my singing and just enjoy what we are singing and the connections with others.
    • In work - I'm working a new job for Ceres and so trying my best, trying to get a grips with everything, feeling bad when I don't do as I had hoped….instead of ever just recognizing the joy in what I am doing and the wonderful people I'm working with.
    • In my studies - I'm trying to get everything done perfectly, figuring out how I can schedule everything, how to keep a balance….and forget just how fascinating what I'm learning is.
    • With my friends, I'm trying hard, not wanting to let anyone down, worrying I am forgetting something I should be remembering….and not just having fun with them.

    So today I am going to accept myself.  I am where I am, I am who I am. I'm happy to be in the process of continually getting better at all I do - but today, I am going to enjoy where I am right now.

    Do you need a day of acceptance of yourself?  I think we should try it once a week.  Friday is acceptance day. There! Let's do it.  We've done what we can all week. Now lets enjoy what we do today without trying to change it.  Sing because I can. Learn and revel in the joy of it. Work and enjoy the connections.

    I accept myself today.

    Everything is tickety-boo

    Lots of lovely things this week have made me feel that everything is tickety-boo:

    Happy Birthday Chui!

    • A birthday for Chui and two friends this week! 
    • singing at the beautiful, moving, and touching British Legion service for Remembrance Day and Veterans day at Grace Cathedral.  Lots of bagpipes and then red poppy petals floating down from the ceiling of the cathedral as we sing Abide with me.  
    • buying Xmas presents ready to take back to England with me
    • meeting a friend for lunch
    • book club - discussing the sweet book "Mrs Queen takes the train"
    • a fun Food as Medicine class - the photo below is from our Tuesday group, just before we tucked into the fruit of our labors: Green Tea Buddha Bowl, pumpkin gnocchi with sage and cranberries, 'cream' of mushroom soup, followed by Rosehip truffles.
    • getting excited about our trip back to England
    • planting some new veggies in our garden ready
    • eating our first home grown passion fruit
    • continued sunny days
    • A sweet card from my sister
    • hearing about Batkid in SF - so heartwarming

    I do hope you are feeling tickety-boo too.

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    Everything is tickety-boo

    Here is a list of the good things in my week, that make me realize that everything is tickety-boo:

     -  I saw and heard Bryn Terfel last Sunday at the Green Music Center.      He sang so beautifully, it made me cry.
    -  Back singing evensong at Grace cathedral, San Francisco this afternoon (that's where the stained glass window photo is from)
    -  The lovely fall weather
    -  Seeing a pileated woodpecker a few days in a row near our home
    -  Getting back into my walking routine
    -  Getting a new pedometer to accompany the above
    -  Two good nutrition and cooking classes
    -  Creating a new recipe and loving it
    -  Good discussion at book club
    -  Enjoying blue sweet potatoes!
    -  Saw Macbeth from the National Theater live with Kenneth Branagh
    -  Loved "Captain Philips" with Tom Hanks - very gripping, but I just wanted to give him a hug.

    Hope you had a good one too.

    Everything is tickety-boo

    It's been a while since I wrote an "everything is tickety-boo" post - long overdue!  So I thought this weekend warranted one.

    For those of you who don't know what "tickety-boo" means - its all about looking at the positive side of things.  It is a state of mind where not everything has to be perfect, but things are going long just fine.  And the more you look for the good things that are happening, the happier you are as you begin to see more and more good things in your life.

    The little video below of Danny Kaye singing "everything is tickety-boo" is a fine example. It's war time, but Danny happily whistles and sings along his way, with the sky so "blinky blue" on a "dreamy, peaches and creamy day"!

    So here is my everything is tickety-boo list for this week:

    • my brother in law is staying with us. Its so great that he has been able to come over from England this year. He missed a couple of years of visits because of ill health - so its lovely he's here, enjoying fall in Northern California.  
    • my cousin Caroline and Jamie had a little baby this week :-D  Yeah.  Welcome Little Keegan. C and J got married at our home/vineyard a few years ago, so we feel like we were instrumental in a little way in bringing Keegan into the world.  Congratulations!
    • it's Thanksgiving in Canada - to happy Thanksgiving to all my relatives and friends who live there.
    • we had new friends come for lunch yesterday and had such a good afternoon with them.  Everything was so easy and natural. We all really enjoyed it.
    • dinner out with other friends last night - lovely to catch up and spend some time with them
    • the grape vine leaves are finally beginning to change color.  Ours are at the golden stage right now.
    • the fruit harvest continues with figs everyday and we are working through the apples and pears.
    • my nephew has had a good first week at Cambridge Uni this week
    • the flowers - especially our dahlias continue to fill the garden and house with beauty
    • a little black cat came to visit yesterday - "prowling" around the vineyard - then came to say hello
    • Chrunchamame  - my new food of the week. Crunchamame  is a freeze dried nonGMO edamame/soy bean crunchy snack.   They are really tasty. I now keep a little bag in my car for those times when I need a snack to keep me going.  Give them a try.
    So are you feeling tickety-boo? What has been going on with your week? Take a little time to think of the good things then you'll surely feel that everything is tickety-boo - and can sing along with Danny Kaye :-D

    Everything is tickety-boo!

    This is going to be a weekly post for me where I share with you the things that have happened each week that make me feel that everything is tickety-boo.

    Photo by Abaraphobia
    Tickety-boo is more than just a feeling, it is a state of mind.  It doesn't mean that everything has be wonderful, just that you look for the good in your life and focus on that.  It's not being false, it's just valuing the good things around you.  A way of looking beyond difficult things and appreciating the often simple, little things that make a difference.

    As I write my "everything is tickety-boo" post each week, I hope you'll get the idea and take time to think about what has happened to you this past week and how it can affect your life positively.

    So here is this week's list:

    • the smile of stranger
    • seeing the bright blue color on the back of bluebird in the garden.  That flash of brilliance was stunning
    • my parents having an offer to buy their home
    • sharing my home with lots of friends for my choir retreat this weekend
    • making time to do lots of cooking and try new recipes
    • surprising people with "secret" ingredients!
    • hearing my parrot sing along with both the piano tuner this week, and also during our choir retreat.  How lovely that a bird wants to join in our music making
    • seeing twin boys running with their dog
    • watching the two turtles in our pond trying out the new duck house and also seeing a few ducks in the pond come for a viewing. 
    • chatting to my nephews
    • tidying my studio and having lots of new ideas
    • taking a break from studying and feeling refreshed from it.
    Hope you had lots of things that helped you feel tickety-boo this week too.  Here's to another week full of them :-D