Begin at the beginning

Begin at the beginning

"He who wishes one day to fly must first learn standing
             and walking
                and running
                    and climbing
                        and dancing

 One doesn't not fly into flying"
FW Neitzsche 

Is there something in your life right now that you are trying to excel at? Something you are eager to be great at?

Maybe the process is worth taking time over.  We can find enjoyment in walking, running, climbing and dancing along the way, but by focusing only on flying, we miss out on those achievements.

I know this really applies to me right now with my studies. I'm so eager to learn everything and be great at it that I'm not noticing the joy of just the little steps I'm taking and the small achievements.

Is there some aspect of your life that you are rushing to achieve greatness, and missing out along the way?  Take a deep breath and enjoy where you are now, where you've come from and the achievements you've made already.  

Activity monitoring app - Endomondo

I came across a new app for my iPhone this past week. It's called Endomondo.  It keeps track of different types of exercise-related activity, such as biking, hiking, running, walking, kayaking, i.e. sports that cover a distance. Endomondo utilizes GPS to track your route and time etc.

You start the session by picking your sport.  There are options for different goals to select such as distance or time etc. You then press "start" and once you are on your way, you'll receive speed, distance, pace and calorie information on your phone's display with a map too.  You'll also get audio feedback, for example, telling you when you have walked one mile and how long that mile took you.  You can customize what is shown on the screen and the audio you get.

I downloaded the free version and found it motivating when it told me how long I'd taken to do my first mile.  For the second mile, I wanted to pick up the speed a little and improve on that - so it was good feedback.

All your workouts are saved so you can then compare them and see how you are progressing and they are uploaded to for you to review.

I've blogged before about my fitbit and how much I love that.  Endomondo won't replace that, as fitbit measures my activity all day. But endomondo is great for further information on a particular workout/exercise routine.

And of course, there is functionality for you to connect with your friends too and see how well they are doing!  Let me know if you give it a try. Better yet, tell me your endomondo name and we'll connect that way!