Everything is tickety-boo

Just back from the second half of my vacation with my sister, her hubby, and my two gorgeous nephews.  I had such a great time and it was non-stop tickety-boo.  Here are the highlights:

  • being greeted at the airport by my family with a sign saying "Aunty Ruth"
  • returning to Sanibel, where we used to live and seeing the familiar and the changes
  • having my own bathroom in a lovely condo
  • feeling a real part of the family
  • snuggling down together to watch a movie
  • kayaking in the Ding Darling wildlife preserve
  • catching up on everyone's news and plans and ideas
  • finding new gluten free items in the store
  • enjoying the sun, sea, sand and shells...oh, and shopping
  • watching the alligators, geckos, and many birds
  • feeling the relief of air conditioning
  • having silly times and laughing together
  • being able to float while standing upright - I think the sea must have been really salty.
  • drinking cocktails
  • sisterly chats
  • wearing bright colored seaside clothes every day
  • happy memories
  • feeling sad when I had to leave :-(
Sorry - photos aren't work on my blogger account at the moment. They'll have to come later! Hope you had a good week.  Thanks so much Simpsons! 

Everything is tickety-boo

I'm on vacation!  Just been in Vail, Colorado for a few days with friends enjoying the mountains and now I'm flying down to Sanibel Island, FL to spend some time with family and enjoy the sea and sand.

So EVERYTHING is tickety-boo! I'm having a wonderful time. Hope you are too, wherever you may be.x

Everything is tickety-boo

Here are the things that have happened this week that made me feel that life is tickety-boo!  Hope you had plenty too:

  • my parents are settling in well in their new home. They moved only a couple of weeks ago, and are already finding lots to do and meeting new people and their home is all sorted!
  • anticipation of my upcoming trip to see my sister, bro-in-law and nephews in Sanibel
  • trying new recipes - like cauliflower pizza! More on that later.
  • singing at a retreat from 9 - 3 on Saturday and loving it!
  • having the support of like minded people - particularly those in Camerata
  • a lovely luncheon at Kendall Jackson for their grape growers.  It was so delightful and interesting too to hear about the latest on wine sales and the industry etc
  • sharing our home with people for a different luncheon - even if it did get up to 97 degrees and we were eating outside!
  • sunshine and cool nights
  • the first fruits of our nectarine harvest
  • having so many quail families with all their babes living in our vineyard
  • new recipe books!
  • how about just books!  I loooooove books, as Mr Amazon will tell you :-D
  • missing family.  Yes, it seems odd that missing people should make me feel tickety-boo but it does.  Having special people in your life is what is important, even if you aren't together all the time.