Take time to smell the flowers on Friday

Today's flower photos are of some of the tall, long flowers in my garden.

I love the foxgloves as it's so good to see all the bees up inside the individual flowers.  And they grow so tall.  They've spread quite a bit in our garden.

The "red" hot pokers (in this case, orange) bring back lots of childhood memories.  I used to hate them then and found them quite scary.  I used to "accidentally" hit them with my tennis racket and break them!  I still don't really care for them much, but they are in the garden, growing nicely, so I guess as I don't have a tennis racket anymore, they are safe.  Did you know their botanical name is  Kniphofia?

Hope you took time to look at the flowers this week. What did you like?

Take time to smell the flowers on Friday

It's time for my new Friday blog post series - where I make time to go out into the garden and photograph the pretty flowers!

Today, this rose caught my eye.  It looks like it has been hand painted.

As small buds, just the tips have a dot of deep pink on them.....

And as they open out, the paintbrush adds a little more color.

Isn't it just stunning!  We bought it just a couple of years ago - and its a wonderful addition to our many roses.

I hope you had a little moment this week to stop and smell the roses...or other flowers.  Remember, lifestyle is important. Not just diet.  Spending time in nature is a wonderful calming and relaxing distraction to everything else going on in our day.