Take time to talk to the animals on Friday

Instead of my usual flower post on Friday, this week just seemed like it should be an animal post!  Move over flowers - birds and animals are coming in.

This is because I'm in England at the moment and we get little visitations to our house from the birds and animals, coming by to say hello and welcome!  :-D

I hope you can take time today to talk to the animals!  Many studies have shown that spending time with nature is very relaxing and calming.

Take time to smell the flowers on Friday

Today's flower photos are of some of the tall, long flowers in my garden.

I love the foxgloves as it's so good to see all the bees up inside the individual flowers.  And they grow so tall.  They've spread quite a bit in our garden.

The "red" hot pokers (in this case, orange) bring back lots of childhood memories.  I used to hate them then and found them quite scary.  I used to "accidentally" hit them with my tennis racket and break them!  I still don't really care for them much, but they are in the garden, growing nicely, so I guess as I don't have a tennis racket anymore, they are safe.  Did you know their botanical name is  Kniphofia?

Hope you took time to look at the flowers this week. What did you like?

Sunshine and flowers

Look how beautiful our daffodils look this year as you enter our gate:

Those sunshine colored flowers brighten every day.  They've been in bloom for a month now...hope they last a few weeks longer.

Take time today to go outside and look at the signs of spring. Have a seat, relax, and enjoy the signs of new life all around you.  It'll surely brighten your day.