Take time to smell the flowers

Remember to take time to smell the flowers - as Max does.


Take time to talk to the animals on Friday

Instead of my usual flower post on Friday, this week just seemed like it should be an animal post!  Move over flowers - birds and animals are coming in.

This is because I'm in England at the moment and we get little visitations to our house from the birds and animals, coming by to say hello and welcome!  :-D

I hope you can take time today to talk to the animals!  Many studies have shown that spending time with nature is very relaxing and calming.

Take time to smell the flowers on Fridays

How long is it since you've sat on the lawn and made a daisy chain?

I hope its not too long....and maybe if it is, you'll find time this year to do just that...whether by yourself or with someone else.

I remember sitting with my sister making them when we were little - but I always got frustrated as she had nails and so could split the stems, but I used to bite my nails so couldn't ever do it!

I think with these large daisies in the photos from our garden, even without nails, I'd have been able to do it!  And think what a great big chain I could have made!

These daisies have multiplied so much. I hardly remember us having any before - but this year, they seem to just be happy showing their smiling faces to the sunshine.

I have some friends coming round for lunch tomorrow so I have some daisies for the table and also some in the napkin rings.  Don't think we'll be making daisy chains however....but you never know!!!

Did you take time to stop and smell the flowers this week?  Spending time in nature is good for our health, so how about planning a daisy chain party this year?  Invite a few friends around, sit on the lawn, chatting and making pretty little daisy chains! If you do - please invite me. I'd love to join in. :-D