Everything is tickety-boo

Another week and it's time for my weekly list of gratitudes - the things that made my week seem tickety-boo!
  • fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden - our nectarines are all finished now, but we have masses of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers right now, with apples and pears just about to join in!
  • having a picnic at home! We filled the picnic basket with yummy food and took it up, with our picnic blanket, under the oak tree. What a perfect setting. I think we need to do more picnics at home :-D
  • singing. My voice is nearly all the way back, after my flu, which is a relief as I'm singing in a concert tonight. By Wednesday, I thought I'd have to pull out, but a lot of rest seems to have done the trick. Fingers crossed.
  • hearing that my nephew did well in his exams
  • my gentle considerate dental hygienist and my fun hairdresser
  • catching up with a friend we haven't seen in a few years - and enjoying her wonderful dinner together
  • interesting clients
  • chocolate walnuts! - sadly they are a little too good!
  • my mum - it was her birthday on Wednesday xxxxxx
I hope your week has been tickety-boo too!