Integrated Health Coaching

Disease and illness are multifactorial and can affect the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and practical aspects of our lives. Part of integrated health coaching therefore addresses and looks at:

  • mind body medicine techniques including biofeedback, guided imagery, music therapy, etc
  • teaching you relaxation techniques
  • creating a regular exercise program that accommodates your health, fitness and pain level
  • your coping skills
  • smoking cessation and dealing with other addictive behaviors
  • psychological support
  • spiritual exploration
  • family members and how their needs are addressed

My training in Health Psychology and the book I wrote on Mind-Body Medicine for Cancer patients means I can support you as a whole person, not just as you change your diet. Having someone to talk to regularly about all aspects of your life can keep you stay hopeful, motivated and feel supported and understood. Even if you aren't at the stage to make diet and lifestyle changes, we can still work together. Check out my "services offered" page and get in touch about what you need right now.

"It's not what you say to someone that matters,
It's not what you do for someone that matters,
It's how you make them feel."

Family and Friends

When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer or a chronic disease, your life changes too. While you want to be there for your friend/loved one, it is important for you to also find time to take care of your own individual needs as well, as this is central to you being a good support person.

Find someone you can talk to openly about your feelings, fears, and concerns. You can arrange a time to see me or talk on the phone if you like.

And when you are with your loved one, while you may feel you need to be "strong", it is also vitally important for you to be authentic as well. If you are authentic and can talk about what you are feeling, it encourages your loved one to also be authentic and express themselves.
Ideas for gifts for a friend going through an illness

If you are looking for ways to express your love and support through an appropriate gift, here are some ideas:
  • buy an easy-sprout sprouter and some brassica seeds so your friend can grow their own enzyme rich, healthy leafy sprouts
  • join together with other friends and buy your friend a good juicer or blender so he/she can drink fresh vegetable juices or green smoothies every day, even if he/she doesn't feel like eating
  • join together with other friends and buy your friend a good dehydrator so they can eat live, raw food, full of enzymes and nutrients
  • buy a voucher for a number of meals from a personal chef
  • pay for a cleaner to help them at home if they don't have someone
  • do things together that make you both laugh
  • buy or download a relaxation CD and both do it together
  • help your friend create their laughter box
A great resource to coordinate the support of a friend who is going through a difficult time with illness and treatment is to use the website "Lotsa helping hands" . Lotsa helping hands is a free private group calendar that helps caregivers, friends, family members and other volunteers to coordinate the dates and times when they will help with caregiving duties, such as preparing meals, providing rides or running errands. It also features an online bulletin board to share news about the person, photos and gives others an opportunity to offer support or well wishes.