Cancer Coaching - Using your fork to fight cancer

Modifications in diet can be used in three different ways for a cancer patient:

  1. for foundational health
  2. for support during treatment to reduce side effects
  3. to utilize the power of specific nutrients to alter the terrain of the body and affect the cancer

A. Food for Foundational Health when you have cancer

I recommend that if you have cancer or have had cancer, then you follow the suggestions for adopting a plant-based diet.

In addition, try to include at least one of the top protective foods against cancer in every meal and snack.
B. Food ideas during treatment to reduce side effects and toxicity and stimulate appetite

It is important to try to address your side effects from treatments for cancer not only because of they are unpleasant in themselves, but also beacuse, if unaddressed, they can have larger consequences which can impact your treatment schedule.

Some therapy side effects such as hair loss or loss of function due to surgery, cannot be addressed by nutrition. However there are plenty of foods that can reduce side effects, such a nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth sores, weight loss etc. See the list of foods to help reduce side effects and eating style tips that can help you keep eating even when you have nausea.

C. Changing the terrain of the body and using specific nutrients to fight cancer

A large part of Tickety-boo cancer coaching focuses on how specific foods can affect the course of cancer. We work together to consider which of the key areas below are most applicable for you and how we can impact them:

  • foods that modulate gene expression
  • foods that are anti-inflammatory
  • foods that affect insulin resistance
  • foods that affect angiogenesis
  • foods that affect cell differentiation
  • foods that boost the immune system
  • foods that affect hormone imbalances

Cancer cells do not exist in isolation in the body, but are influenced by many different factors in their environment. By using this multi-dimensional approach, we look to alter the terrain of the body making it inhospitable to cancer.

Cancer Coaching - Using lifestyle modifications to support your healing

In addition to nutrition, we will also look at other lifestyle modifications such as relaxation techniques, stress reduction techniques, coping mechanisms, regular exercise, laughter, psychological support, and spirituality exploration that can support you after a cancer diagnosis.

Benefits of Cancer Coaching:

  • improve your quality of life today
  • increase the body's natural ability to heal
  • clarify what brings you joy and fulfillment
  • create a life of authenticity
  • learn to listen and follow your inner wisdom
  • develop new ways to relax and let go of stress
  • learn what foods can improve your health and which are harmful
  • make wise decisions regarding your health care
  • reduce the side effects of treatment and improve outcome
  • learn ways to incorporate exercise into your life
  • transform fear and anxiety into peace and calm
  • resolve emotional issues
  • explore spiritual issues
  • improve communication in your relationships
  • make new life choices and commit to living the life you've dreamed of.

Cancer coaching is NOT a substitute for professional medical care, but is a complementary system to medical care. Cancer coaching is not psychotherapy, medical counseling or medical advice. Instead it is oriented more towards helping you find the motivation to take action regarding lifestyle changes and educating you on why this is important.